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Family Guy


FAMILY GUY - Bird is the Word!

All-new episodes of FAMILY GUY return this fall to FOX! Available now on DVD! ('Like' on Facebook) (Follow on Twitter)

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Family Guy - Who Wants Chowder?

Peter challenges the guys to a bet that leads to a puke fest culminating in a chowder puke-a-thon.

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Family Guy - Bullfrog

Peter catches a bullfrog for Chris.

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Family Guy - Cool Whip

Meg bakes Brian a hair pie and Stewie puts cool whip on it...I mean cool Hwhip.

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Family Guy - Over

Stewie gives Brian a walkie-talkie then gives him a hard time when he doesn't follow protocol. (Season 6: Episode 7)

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Family Guy - Democracy Kicks In

Private Stewie and Brian try to get discharged from the army.

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Family Guy - Undecided Voters

Lois learns how to use hot-button issues to compete against Mayor West and to sway voters. S5 Ep17.

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Family Guy - Dinner With Nudists

The Griffins are invited to dinner by nudists. S3:Ep18.

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family guy beste folgen

Ich habe meine Lieblings Family Guy folgen zusammen geschnitten. Ich hoffe ihr mögt es...

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Family Guy - Speaking Italian

Peter tries to speak Italian at a local Italian grocery.

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Family Guy - The Freaking FCC

Peter, Brian, and Stewie sing praise to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Season 4: Episode 14.

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Family Guy - The Original Chicken Fight

Peter fights a chicken because the chicken gave him a coupon that has expired. S2 Ep3.

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Family Guy - Lois Mom Mum Mommy

Stewie badgers Lois for her attention, repeatedly.

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Family Guy - Dinner with Jesus

Jesus comes to dinner! Season 7: Episode 2

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FAMILY GUY - "All I Really Want For Christmas"

All-new episodes of FAMILY GUY return this fall to FOX! ('Like' on Facebook) (Follow on Twitter) Watch full episodes:

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Family Guy - Breast Feeding

Stewie sucks Peter's nipple and gets a nipple hair stuck in his mouth.

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Family Guy - Songs Named After a Girl

Brian lists songs named after girls to prove to Stewie that he's not original. Season 7: Episode 7.

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Family Guy - Prostate Exam

Peter gets a traumatic prostate exam from his doctor.

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Family Guy - Mario Rescues Princess

Mario defeats Bowser and rescues Princess Peach and then they get into a little fight.

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Family Guy - Fart-Tacular!

Available now on DVD! All-new episodes of FAMILY GUY return this fall to FOX! (Like on Facebook!)

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